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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can send you Inquiry ?
A) Importers B) Traders C) Store Representative D) Vendors from Europe, USA, UK and Australia.
What type of product you manufacture?
We produce (A) Trousers: Jeans Trousers, Cargo pants, Cargo Shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Skirts Trousers, Cargo pants, Cargo Shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Skirts.

(B) Jackets & Vests (C) Tops (shirts, blouse, tunica) .
Who are the present Customers and from which country ?
(A) Presently we are exporting for ALDI, C&A, PRIMARK and exporting to Germany, UK and Australia.
What is your International Standard of Compliance of Factory Safety ?
We are fully compliant with BSCI Certification.
How Do I Send An Inquiry?
(A) The Customers / Buyers can send the particular Inquiry to us for costing.
(B) After getting the Inquiry, we do the costing and send back to the customer.
How Do I Place an Order?
After meeting the target price with the buyer, The buyer Issues Letter of Credit (AT Sight) through their bank to our bank. After getting the L/C, we procure raw materials for production of garment. .
What is the Delivery Period After Placing an Order ?
The Delivery period is 120 days after placement of order. The period is comrised of 30 days of procurement, 30 to 45 days of production and finally 30 to 40 days days of shipment to the Customers port.
What is the Minimum and Maximum quantity for placing orders ?
The minimum quantity for placing orders is 20,000 pcs (whereas each style should be minimum 10,000 pcs)
The maximum quantity ranges from 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 pcs with a lead time of 120 days.
How can I get confirmed of right quality ?
We have good number of highly qualified quality controllers to meet Customer's requirements.
The final garment products are inspected by the Internationally Reputed Inspection Companies (e.g. SGS, BV, TUV, ITS etc)
How do I get the goods at my destination ?
We do SEA shipment via our Port at Chittagong to the destination of the Customer. We truck out the goods from our factory from Dhaka and it takes 8 hours to reach the port. The Customer is given tracking number to trace the location of goods.